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We have been involved in the breed since 2004, and have been competing in Dog Sports since 2006. We started with Dock Jumping, and have become involved in Weight Pull, Carting, Conformation, Rally-Obedience, and Lure Coursing! Our kennel is small so that we may devote our time to each dog in full. Our dogs are house dogs, and loved companions to our 5 children. We live on a farm with a variety of animals, so that they are well socialized with many species. Please check out our PUPPIES! page for some exciting news!

UNJCH CA URO1 UWPCH GRCH PR Jhnsns Lil Miss Independence, CGC


ALCH UNJ UWP PR Totl JK Wear It With [email protected]


h2o's Fly Away On My Zephyr


USA UFA UWP CH 'PR' h2o's We'll Always Remember

UWP CA CH 'PR' h2o's Providence Strikes Again

What h2o APBTs is all about :